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Ambelt® wear protection protects your machinery parts and conveyor components against wear, e. g. by reducing the impact of dropping bulk material. By using wear protection, the lifecycle of your machinery parts and conveyor components is extended remarkably, costs are reduced as downtimes are avoided.

Ambelt® delivers a wide product range of different wear protection products.


  • protects equipment and construction parts as well as components against wear
  • Ambelt® offers wear resistant rubber sheets in different qualities and thickness of 2 - 50 mm
  • on demand with or without contact layer, in rolls or cut to size, depending on individual requirements.
  • customer specific colours, roll length and width available on short notice

Ambelt® standard wear protection 45, 60 and 60 Super

Wear resistant Ambelt® Para quality with high elongation at break values

Application examples:

  • Discharge hoses e.g. in the cement industry
  • Compensators

Ambelt® Prema Super

Ambelt® Prema Super is a wear protection rubber of highest quality. It features a high elongation at break and tear resistance as well as an excellent weather resistance. Ambelt® Prema Super is available with or without contact layer.

For inquiries, please directly refer to the Ambelt® Serviceteam.


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